Old Memories=New Quilt!

Several months ago, I came across some quilt squares my Nanny had painted over 10 years ago. My mom had sent them to me in one of her many care packages throughout the years. Both my grandparents, Nanny and Pawpie (otherwise known as Eva and Ed), died in 2000 within four months of each other. I remember watching Nanny work on these same quilt squares a long time before 2000. She taught me to quilt, but I can’t cut or sew straight. I still feel closer to Nanny when I try. Since I was not about to ruin my Nanny’s last project, it was time to call in the big guns.

After asking around town, I found the go-to person for putting quilts together—Judy R. Judy put the top together, and her out-of-state, long-arm quilting connection took this project to the next level. Her friend received my precious quilt and put the top, batting and back together. I refer to it as the quilt sandwich. After she quilted it, she sent it back to Judy who completed the project by adding the binding. The result is a stunning new quilt that I may never put on my bed! It’s simply too beautiful to expose to possible damage. This is a quilt that will be passed down for years.

Judy must have been proud of this quilt as well because she took it to show the quilters guild members in Valentine. I’m ready to show it off, too…..just maybe not on my bed!

This is the finished project!  I could never have done this!

This is the finished project! I could never have done this!

Can you see the quilting details?

Can you see the quilting details?

Oh, the details!

Oh, the details!

Judy R., quilt expert!

Judy R., quilt expert!

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