Portraits by NC

Disclaimer: I bought a portrait of my pet so I could write a post about my experience with Portraits by NC. This article reflects an honest assessment of my experience.

I sent a picture of my dog, Chance, to Enzie on Thursday, June 19. The next day, I received an email to let me know she had started the portrait. I was really surprised to hear from her so soon. She also requested more information about Chance and how he came to join our family. I am always happy to tell his story, so I shot her an email right away. 🙂

Can you believe the portrait was done by June 23?! I was totally blown away! Chance looks AWESOME!
This is the portrait link.
This is the photo I sent.

I asked Enzie how she works her magic. She was kind enough to tell me a few of her tricks. Once she has a picture as a reference, she uses digital software made for graphic artists. She then sketches the animal (or person) in bold strokes. After that is done, Enzie carefully fills in layers to create the fur and other details to make the painting as realistic as possible. According to Enzie, subtle colors like blues and pinks are the key to a more realistic painting. Although these colors may not be in the original photo, they are incorporated into the final product. Whatever tricks she has up her sleeve, I can verify their effectiveness. Just keep reading—it gets even better!

Since I am deliriously happy with Chance’s final portrait, I bought it, of course. On the final product page, there’s a link for payment. It actually says to pay what you want. I thought at first that I had misread it, so I looked again. The base price is $25, and it goes up in $25 increments. If you have plenty of money (and Paypal/Visa, etc.), you can pay more. I am not rich by any stretch of the imagination, so I had to make a reasonable payment that would fit my budget. As soon as the item was purchased, I got the confirmation email. The picture file soon followed. From there I was able to print my dog’s beautiful portrait! I plan to take that file and have it printed on a canvas to hang in my living room.

As I clicked around Enzie’s website and saw her other art work, I noticed that she does embellished canvases. Oh, how I wish I could buy one! Those are much more detailed, so the price for one begins at $150. I have a strong feeling it would be well worth the expense! Since I have discovered Portraits by NC, I now realize that I can afford one-of-a-kind, personalized art work for my home. My walls won’t be bare for much longer!

One really awesome thing about Enzie is that she donates to pet rescue. She shares her profits to help pets in need. That, to me, says a lot about her character. I was thinking about my friends in rescue—wouldn’t it be cool to raffle off a portrait? I sure would be willing to buy some raffle tickets for a chance to win!

The Chicken Chick

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