Unless you have a camera recording all the time, when events have passed, all you’ll have are flashes of memories—snippets.  My snippets from my latest “adventure” include: a frog-faced woman at the airport, a double rainbow in Merida, ice cream with Maestro Wilmer, riding the bus with Judith, playing air hockey with Chary….There are so many memories in my head, I’m afraid they’ll be forgotten before I can put them on paper.  Gone like leaves in the wind.  Some things I wish I could forget.  Those things are tucked away until they are manageable.

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Leticia's restaurant has fabulous food!

Leticia’s restaurant has fabulous food!


Vendors and Ice Cream!

If you’ve been reading the blog lately, you know by now that I ended up at Fire School over the weekend. FUN!!! I was tied up in a (great) class for a couple of days, but I made time to check out the building full of vendors at Fonner Park. I didn’t get a T-shirt this year, but I finally bought a gear bag of my own. There were two vendors selling them, but I checked the prices and spent only $30 instead of the regular $45. Sure was happy about the savings! I used part of that $15 to get us a triple scoop each at Baskin Robbins! Ysabela had never been to a Baskin Robbins, but she knows how good it is now! She spent her Saturday in the hot tub while I toiled away in class, but we both are looking forward to next year’s jaunt!

Baskin Robbins was across the street from the hotel!

Baskin Robbins was across the street from the hotel!