Dance Etiquette

How many times have our kids heard us say, “Well, in my day X didn’t happen“? I am about to do it again. In my day, friends didn’t ask to dance with a friend’s date. (Girls in my school wouldn’t even consider pairing up with a boy in a lower grade (or two!) like they do nowadays, but that’s another story!) Times sure have changed!

I was taught that you dance with the one who brought you, your friend’s fellow was off-limits and there was a line between being friendly and being flirty. Are mothers not teaching daughters these things anymore? Am I being ridiculously old-fashioned? It feels like there are no boundaries too sacred to cross. If I had a friend who bluntly asked to dance with my date, I would have been so mad! I have seen it happen various times in the last few years. The girls today ask the guy if he’ll save her a dance, but shouldn’t they clear that with their gal pal first? Respect, please!