Looking Back


20180220_102637750996173.jpgA year ago today Cherokee Lady moved to Nebraska from Oklahoma (through a storm on one of the coldest days!).

She has grown into a lovely, long-legged girl who will do nearly anything for horse candy. I can’t believe how much she has grown. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised after buying her groceries. ūüôā






Delilah and Company


Delilah and her siblings were found under the preacher’s house during the summer. Her mom was doing her best to care for the four kittens, but they needed homes. Now the kittens are all grown up—at least teenagers now—and they are loved. My pal, Crystal, was the driving force behind the rescue. Another friend, Lania, stepped in to take the beautiful momma cat and the boy (now Bastet and Kal). The girls—Delilah, Ellie and Gabby—are now permanent residents at my house. They all plan to have a happy new year! There are no resolutions.


Meet our latest addition to the family.¬† She was adopted from a kill pen in Oklahoma at the beginning of June.¬† She spent a month in the quarantine facility, and then my friend, Jeannette, took me to pick her up.¬† Here you see our first meeting, her freedom ride and Topaz at home.¬† She’s a very sweet mare, and she knows she is loved.

Snack Fever Boxes!!!!!

My daughter has been spoiled enough to have a few Snack Fever boxes straight from Korea.¬† She has been thrilled so far.¬† Anything chocolate is, of course, welcome.¬† She’s also enjoyed the gummies and chips, but I think her absolute favorite things are the band items!¬† We can’t wait to see what’s in next month’s box!¬† Sometimes she even shares with me.






No Wordless Wednesday!

Yesterday was perfect for Wordless Wednesday, but I didn’t post because I have a lot to say!

My new filly, Cherokee Lady, usually plays in the corral during the day.¬† With the gate to the big pasture closed.¬† My friend, Charlotte, lives right there and is kind enough to let me board two horses with her.¬† She generally keeps an eye on everything.¬† I arrived yesterday to find that Cherokee’s stall was empty…and the gate to the big pasture was open.¬† We are still not completely sure how that happened.¬† Charlotte and I were also unsure of how to get Cherokee back where she belongs.¬† I was relying on Oreo, my daughter’s horse, and oats to get the baby to come visit with us.

Oreo did not let me down!¬† I yelled for her, she stopped eating hay and starting sashaying in my direction.¬† We looked closer, and Cherokee was in Oreo’s pocket!¬† They both got oats, Charlotte and I breathed a huge sigh of relief, and the world was right again.