Kennel Drama

My friend, Laura, and I took apart the dog kennel last night to load it into her cargo van. It was about two inches too big to fit, so we put it back together again. The dogs have to have a kennel for outside time, so I had to take stock of my options. It was necessary to buy a dog kennel when I got to the new place today. Laura and I unloaded the furniture and went back to town.The dogs took the trip well—better than I had anticipated! Boxi even barked at me when I stopped to fill the gas tank. She was wagging her little tail too. I think Chance slept the entire trip, but he seemed to have a calming effect on Boxi. Jinxx was fine, but she was indignant about being crated. Safety first.By the time I’d bought a new kennel, I had received a $40 discount because the panels had been slightly bent. We took our prize back to the new home and set it up. With three of us working on it, the kennel was operational in no time flat! The electrician had been to the house, fixed the fuse and left in our absence. I was thrilled to have the lights upstairs and the fridge running. I don’t even mind the bill that’s coming. I’m thankful for everything. My friends have really come though for me. They have given their time and muscles to help us, and I couldn’t do this without them.Now I’m back at the old house planning what to pack next. I still have a ton of work to do, so I’d better rest up!

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