Never. Again.

This moving business is for the birds. The reason behind the move is fabulous—I have a new job that I can’t wait to start. The down side is packing, lugging, worrying.

We moved cats Friday. My friend had extra crates, so it fell to my Bela to wrangle cats. She’s a champion cat wrangler! The funniest part was that Bela had the cats divided into three groups: The OG (Original Gangsta) Girls, The Intruders and The Queen. What was not funny—the singing of feline voices for the first hour and a half. They accidentally harmonized a few times. One of my sassiest kitties had the hardest time with the move. Poor Lil Devil stayed in her crate for at least two hours after I opened the door. We got her out gently and loved on her. She’s much better now, but I was worrying. (If you know me, you understand that’s what I do.)

I made the journey back to our old home today. Another friend came to help me load stuff in her cargo van. It took some doing and some advice from her father-in-law, but the job is done. We plan to leave at 5 in the morning, unload and come back. My dogs are confused by the missing cats and furniture, but I think they’ll be fine. I hope they’ll be fine, Right now Boxi (our little black ankle biter) is in my room and refuses to come out. She’s pouting about wearing her collar and tags. She is also letting me know it’s bedtime. I hate to tell her I’m not yet ready. I need to finish packing a few things, so I’ll post again when things settle down.


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