The Dovekeepers

Alice Hoffman’s cover for The Dovekeepers attracted me first.  I recognized one of the ladies on it, and that drew me in for a closer look.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to commit to reading it in spite of my curiosity.  I didn’t know if the topic could hold my interest.  To be honest, I was almost half through it when I realized I had to finish.

I was finally invested in the characters.  Shirah, the Witch of Moab, fascinated me, but no more than Yael, Aziza or Revka.  The lives of the four ladies intertwined in a web of destiny that none could escape.2016-04-19_0001

If you are remotely interested in Biblical history and women’s roles, you should read The Dovekeepers.  Although this is fiction, it’s amazing to consider the possibilities.

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