Nebraska Calling!

Sweden’s tourism brainiacs had a super cool idea……they created a phone number for interested parties (like me) to call to speak with a random Swede in a random place there.  As soon as I discovered this, I was determined to call Sweden.


I made that call this morning!  After a brief wait, I was connected to Olivia in Stockholm.  She was a delightful conversationalist who was happy to teach me things about her country.  When I told her I was calling from Nebraska, she was surprised.  She was even kind enough to speak to the principal of the school (my boss).  Since he happened to pass by my room while I was on the phone, I figured he might want to know what was going on.

I have always been fascinated by other cultures, so I may end up calling again with more questions for a volunteer Swedish ambassador.


2 thoughts on “Nebraska Calling!

  1. Sooo cool lol that’s a really good idea and sounds really fun hope I get to do it sometime lol probably not but hey its worth a shot

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