Summer is Coming!

The end of school

Is drawing near

Teachers and students

All want to cheer!

But at the end

Of this school year,

You notice your grade

And begin to fear.

I have a few things to say

That you need to hear.

Work not turned in

Can never be graded.

Pardon me, please,

If I sound a bit jaded.

The numbers aren’t crunched

By a magical elf,

If you want to succeed,

Take your book off the shelf!

Even though your grade

Is looking quite grim,

Don’t blame the teacher;

It’s not her or him!

I’ve asked for assignments

Almost every day,

You didn’t hand them in,

So the price you must pay!

You whine and cry

And even pout.

As smart as you are,

Just figure it out!

Mind your manners,

And do your work.

When I speak to you,

Don’t sass like a jerk!

Don’t threaten me with a call

From mommy or dad.

All that will do

Is make me mad!

It’s not our fault

That your work is not done.

It’s not my fault

That it’s not always fun.

Summer is coming,

But not soon enough.

Just turn in your work.

Don’t get in a huff!

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