Adult Students

My high school students do not understand why I drive 75 miles to another town on Monday nights for six weeks to teach a Spanish class for adults.  Until they are adults, they may not get it.

I usually teach high school kids who are in the class because they need it to graduate.  Learning is not their main purpose for being there.  Some students really want to learn, but they are few and far between.  Most want to do the minimum work and receive a maximum number grade.

The adults who sign up for class want to be there.  They are intrinsically motivated, so they will pay for the class and show up for it.  These adults come ready to learn.  Some are a bit intimidated by the material, but they are willing to try.  That’s what matters.  We manage to have a lot of fun in class, believe it or not.  I usually bring some candy—Smarties or Hershey’s kisses—and we play games to help learn vocabulary.

Last night, one lady had some sugared fruit for a snack, and our gentleman brought some doughnuts for us.  There’s always coffee and the company is great.  I will be so sad to teach next Monday because it is our last night for the semester.

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