If you’ve been keeping up, you’ll know that we adopted dog number three not too long ago. After getting to know her better, I must say that she is one of the sweetest little dogs ever. She has fit right in with our other two babies.

With winter coming up fast, she has started shivering to make me notice that she needs a sweater of her own. Jinx has the shortest fur—and no clothes yet! If you are scandalized by this news, you’re not alone. Boxi and Chance have their own sweaters.

I made the mistake of putting Boxi’s clothes on Jinx one day. Boxi looked at me accusingly, but Jinx stopped shivering. Now, I can tell you Jinx can be quite dramatic when it’s cold or rainy outside. The last few days have been a bit wet, so I have had to literally carry her out to potty. Once there, she gets down to business fairly quickly. She doesn’t want to get any wetter than necessary! Since I’m on the other end of the leash, I’m all for that!

I guess the next step is to head to Koko’s Palace and let her shop for her clothes….

Jinx was only slightly shivering.

Jinx was only slightly shivering.

She's our little drama queen.

She’s our little drama queen.

The Chicken Chick

2 thoughts on “Jinx

    • She is so stinking cute, and she loves to play. She is hilarious when she brings her toy and plays tug of war! Jinx sure can growl!

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