A Little “Off”

Chance and Boxita

Chance and Boxita

If you live in a multiple-pet (or kid) household, you know there’s a lot to do. You also know that some things just don’t get done sometimes. Is there fur in the floor? Probably. Is a cat stalking me? Usually. Does someone want attention? Definitely. Do all the pets feel well? Not sure. And that is an important issue to me.

My two little “barkleys” have been together for a couple of years (at least). They mostly coexist happily. The last two or three days, however, I have noticed that my little girl, Boxi (pronounce it “bosh-ee), is not acting just right. I can’t say what exactly is “off,” but it feels like something is. She snapped at Chance for walking around her on the bed. Bela broke up the squabble since I was in the shower, but Boxi was doing some trash talking.

She has been wandering around the living room instead of finding her favorite comfy spot to nap. Boxi usually loves napping on the bed with me, but lately she has been under the dresser. I could understand that in the case of a strong, loud storm, but not when it’s quiet time. Maybe I worry too much. After all, she’s not barfing or anything. I will definitely keep en eye on her. I’m hoping she’ll snap out of her “funk” soon.

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