Always Something

I was getting ready to shower this morning after breakfast and noticed I had been so busy making sure Bela had her clothes that I had forgotten to pack my shirts. I couldn’t believe it. I went to the front desk after I griped for a few minutes. Oksana, an awesome receptionist, told me where to find the closest Target so I could buy a shirt.

Oksana the Awesome

Oksana the Awesome

On my way out, I noticed some guys wearing light blue shirts that said ARGENTINA. I asked what was going on, and a nice young fellow said they are in town for the Lacrosse World Cup being hosted in Denver this year! I was hyper about it, but I went to Target anyway since the guys loaded up and left.

I found Target, got a cheap shirt ($8) and some Skittles for the concert. Thank the Lord that I found a service station with an attendant who checked my tire and put air in it. (She was super!) I put in gas, picked up a couple of packs of smokes and made my way back to La Quinta.

I settled in to just hang out and rest until we leave for the concert later this evening. I went out to smoke and noticed the Argentina guys were coming back. Turns out they just went to practice. Their first game is Friday. (I did look them up on Facebook.) I hope they win! Blogging comes in handy, and I use it to my advantage. I told one of the guys that “my girls” would like to get a picture of them. He saw no problem with it, so I hurried upstairs to send the girls with the best camera we have. By the time they made it downstairs, the guys were all in the room. Gen texted me to come down. I got there just as a couple of the guys were getting something out of the truck, so I asked them if they would let us get a picture of them. The guy asked if the girls would like to be in the picture with them, and I’m glad I was ready to grab the camera. Bela basically launched it at me!

We support Argentina!

We support Argentina!

The Chicken Chick

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