Slipping a Gear

Wow… I am, blogging and having coffee, at 5:30 a.m. I wish I could truthfully say it’s my special writing routine to be on the computer at this hour. We call it the butt crack of dawn, by the way. Alas, it was an error on my part (that has never happened before!). I figured I had to do laundry this morning since I’m off next weekend for fire school. I didn’t actually eyeball the schedule on the kitchen counter. Anyway, I “bounced” out of bed a bit after four, put the pups out (and back in) and hopped joyfully (?) into the shower. I remember thinking, “Oh, I wish I could sleep in this morning!”

Note to readers: When I say “bounce,” what really happens is I ricochet off the bed to the floor and stagger to the bathroom.

I walked across the street to work and met the other laundry gal coming from the other direction. We discussed the merits of sleeping in and went downstairs to check the schedule. I was pleasantly surprised. I AM OFF THIS WEEKEND! Oh, JOY! I got a couple of loads washing while she clocked in, we chatted a minute or two and Big Momma came home… climb into pajamas again, fix coffee, check the weather channel and blog. I should be snuggled in bed with the pups. They agree if the accusing looks I’ve been getting are any indication.

I have now reached the conclusion that Big Momma has slipped a gear. So be it. At least I will be reasonably rested when Monday rolls around!

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