Worst Ever

I have now convinced my doctor of something I knew long ago. I am the worst patient ever. Why? That’s easy……I have a very strong aversion to needles, so I refuse blood work. I usually don’t even step on the scale either! The nurse was a kind lady and had a good reason for getting my current weight, so I (at least) did that much today! It was a concession, however small.

After having an EKG in the office, the doctor informed me that it was normal. YEAH!!!! That made me feel better after all the “weirdness” I’ve been feeling this past week. My blood pressure was higher than she liked, and she suspects my thyroid is causing problems. Blood work would be the way to rule it out or confirm. I refused, of course. After offering me a beta blocker (which I also refused), her parting shot was, “So, what else can I NOT do for you today?”

Worst. Patient. Ever.

2 thoughts on “Worst Ever

    • Oh, yes! I remember being about 5 and I had to have a shot for school. It took 4 people to get it done. Huge, traumatizing event.

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