Bunny Tickles?

Bella Bunny

Bella Bunny

Have you ever given your pet a massage-petting? You know what I mean, don’t you? You’re digging your fingers in the fur (gently, of course) as you pet. My dogs and cats LOVE it. Today when I let the bunnies out to binky (jump around), I decided I wanted to pet the rabbits. That’s what I did, but what happened surprised me. I was petting Bella Bunny’s back. She seemed to enjoy it, so I moved to massage-pet her right side. She curved her body toward the right as I petted. I chuckled and petted her left side. She curved her body to the left. Hmmmmm. And again. I concluded that she must be ticklish. For some reason, I think it’s hilarious. I never would have considered that a bunny would be! Maybe I’m easily amused, but these bunn-bunns are very entertaining.

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