If you know a family who used to have a grey and white Maine Coon cat named Jersey, get them to the computer. I want to tell them something.

When I first saw Jersey’s photo one Saturday on the North Platte Animal Shelter Facebook page, I thought she was stunning. That’s the only word that came to mind. Then I read the short bio on the page and got mad. Her family was moving and turned her in—14 years old (didn’t look it!), spayed and declawed. I tried to imagine how she felt being in a shelter environment. Monday couldn’t come soon enough for me to go and pick her up. I was worried someone else might steal her away before I could get there.

She was still available when I arrived in a rush and breathlessly announced that I had come for Jersey the Maine Coon. Since she was already spayed, she was able to load up for home right away. After seeing how big she was, I congratulated myself on having the good sense to bring the biggest crate I had.

Jersey girl talked all the way home. She has a cute meow that sounds like she’s asking a question. Before she was integrated into my existing family of felines, she slept on my pillow every night. Jersey must have a sense of humor. One night I was awakened by a front paw smacking me between my eyes. She wanted me to pet her.

I have had this beautiful cat for a few months now. I realize I’m not angry at her previous family. Jersey was obviously loved and well fed before. She knows her name and comes quickly for attention. Now that my anger is gone, I understand circumstances change, people move. I also know our pets shouldn’t have to pay for what we do. I love my animals like family and have high expectations of other pet owners.

I want to thank you for loving Jersey. Know that I love her, and she will be with my family until the end of her days. By her behavior, I know she’s comfortable and happy in my home. I hit the lottery the day I adopted her.


For pictures of more animals needing homes, check out

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