Bad to Good

My question to my friend was, “Why do I always worry so much when God has everything under control?”  Maybe I should explain from the beginning….

One of our little furry family members wasn’t acting right.  He was listless and snappy.  Chance (AKA Fancy Pants) never snaps at my daughter!  He acted like his back hurt, and he had trouble jumping on the bed.  I called the vet yesterday, gave Chance a dose of aspirin and planned to “wait and see.”

Pretty soon it was bed time, but I was worried about our boy, so I couldn’t sleep.  I usually get up at four in the morning to do laundry at the nursing home, but I gave up on getting to sleep by ten.  I figured I could go in to do some laundry early.   I can do a lot of laundry in three or four hours!  I had everything washed and delivered upstairs so the floor would be well stocked; that made it possible for me to take Chance to the vet this morning.  (I went to work after that to finish the laundry.)

After catching a few hours of sleep, Bela and I got up and took Chance to Hyannis.  The vet determined that Chance has some arthritis and would benefit from being on a prescription.  Sometimes we forget that our little guy is aging….he is eleven or so.  He has more grey on his muzzle than before, but we don’t discuss it.  (After all, he doesn’t mention my grey hair!)

I was running low on money, but I had to take care of our Chance, so I was relieved when the vet said he could bill me.  I paid something anyway, though, to lessen the payment later.  With what I didn’t pay, I was able to buy us breakfast.  I knew Bela was as hungry as I was since we had hopped out of bed and hit the road.  I went to the local “breakfast spot” to see what I could do.  (I would like to insert here that I’m sure God knows the state of shambles affairs concerning my check book!)  I went in to order myself some egg rolls since I know from experience that they rock!  I get some every time I am in Hyannis….

I noticed there were no hamburgers in the case.  Breakfast was technically over, but there were some “tornadoes” in the hot case.  The clerk handed me one and said, “Oh, it’s free since it’s left over from breakfast.”  I sure was relieved—and shocked!  Did I mention this store also has free coffee?

This little jaunt to the vet turned out quite a bit better than I had anticipated!  Chance is fine, and we had all we needed.  So, why do I worry so much?

Chance is in his favorite spot.  He might be holding a grudge about the vet trip.

Chance is in his favorite spot. He might be holding a grudge about the vet trip.