Rockin’ It

Bela has been losing weight for a while now since her meds are on target.  I thought she was down more lately, and when she put on these jeans, we both knew.  In the picture, she is rocking a new shirt as well.  We love Day of the Dead themed clothing, so when I saw this shirt, I bought one for me as well!

She loved her new shirt, and the jeans were  ones she couldn't wear before!

She loved her new shirt, and the jeans were ones she couldn’t wear before!


To the Doctor We Go….

In rural Nebraska, heading to the doctor can be an “ordeal” of sorts. Our doctor happens to be 95 miles from home, so when I have to take Bela, we just schedule to be gone from school for the entire day. We got up early and went for coffee only to be disappointed….our local coffee shop is closed for the next few days. Bummer. We were sad, but we soldiered on. The gas station was also closed, so I had to use my debit card (which I do not like to do) to get gas so we could leave town. There was a cattle drive of sorts between our town and the next. I am so glad we were able to dodge the cows!

Things started out a little sketchy, as you probably figured by now, but they sure took a turn for the better once we made it to the doctor’s office. Our wait was reasonably short, and we went back for vitals to discover that Bela has lost 17 pounds! I didn’t have energy enough to do a happy dance, but I sure am thrilled for her. I though she looked smaller lately, but it can be hard to tell. Bela’s Hashimoto’s may be getting under control! Since good is usually balanced by bad, the doctor said she also is suffering from TMJ, so she prescribed an anti-inflammatory to see if it will improve.

While I was waiting for the doctor, I mentioned to the nurse taking vitals that there are a lot of apples on the ground going to waste. She said to get all I wanted! She was even kind enough to bring me two bags to use. Once I was out in the parking lot again, I noticed a cherry tree was growing alongside the apple tree! I got a bag of apples and a bunch of cherries. Bela said the cherries are a taste of Mexico! We put the free resources (one of my favorite phrases!) in the car and walked across to the pharmacy for medicines. That didn’t take long, so we stopped at Hazel’s Coffee for some yumminess. I got mint and vanilla, and Bela got brain freeze from peanut butter and white chocolate. We parted from our blended ice long enough for me to stop by the local college campus to offer my services as a Spanish instructor. I was warmly received when the lady found out I can teach ESL and Spanish. 🙂 We left and planned to head home, but by then we were hungry; we ate lunch at Taco John’s.

Since we had all day to ramble, I stopped at Chandler’s Honey because every time we have seen it, Bela has begged to stop. I’m usually in a hurry no matter where we go. Not today! All in all, the trip was worth the trouble today.

The trees had plenty of fruit!

The trees had plenty of fruit!

Blended ice yumminess!

Blended ice yumminess!

Taco John's serves potato oles.

Taco John’s serves potato oles.