Every time I look on social media, I see new advertisements designed to sell me something.  That’s fine because I’m smart enough to decide between “need” and “want.”  I also understand that people have to make a living, and many times one full-time job isn’t enough.  That’s when I started noticing the businesses in my town.  I wonder if it’s a phenomenon in larger places or if it’s something unique to my town of (more or less) five hundred residents.  It could be that jobs are not very plentiful in smaller towns like mine, so people have to be creative and make their own jobs.

One lady designs and sells T-shirts; another advertises nail wrap parties.  Then there are small-town entrepreneurs selling Tupperware, Mary Kay (which I love), Avon, cleaning products, candles, natural oils and health supplements.  Another personal favorite of mine—Thirty-One Gifts.  One enterprising woman has finally opened an Etsy shop to market her hand-made scarves.  I’m surrounded by businesswomen.  I might even be able to count myself as one of them.

My main sideline is placing foreign exchange students, but now I’m exploring selling photos on iStock.  There are other options as well if I look.  I could write articles for magazines or newspapers (which I have done in the past), or I could even bake cupcakes.  🙂  No matter what business, the main thing is to advertise and make contacts.  After all, it’s not only about selling; it’s about building a personal brand and a reputation people recognize and respect.  Maybe we small-town businesswomen can help each other as we build our personal brands.  Why not?  Let’s grow those networks!

In the meantime, if you are remotely near “my area” and need any of the aforementioned products, please let me know!  I can sure put you in contact with a friend!