A Widow’s Confession

Even though my dear soul mate has been gone for almost six months, I feel like it has only been days.  I guess I’m still in shock.  I haven’t discussed it with any other ladies I know who have suffered the same loss, but I imagine it’s much the same for them.  I just keep going, fighting through every day.

My community was very supportive and generous.  Bela and I got quite a bit of mail following the tragedy.  It shames me to say, however, that I have not been able to even read all of the sympathy cards we received.  Don’t get me wrong—I know who sent one, and all the love has been appreciated, but as far as sitting and reading each line…well, I still can’t.  I don’t know when I’ll be able to or even if I will be able to.  I have them saved here at home, though.  Maybe some day….