All Work and No Play

I had a chance to go to my first branding this week. This was—and still is—on my bucket list. My body pulled a fast one, and I had to stay home. I was (understandably) quite disappointed. I hope I will have another chance to experience part of the sandhills tradition.

I have realized that most of my time is spent in my books. As a matter of fact, I have read two murder mysteries in the last day and a half. I read for pleasure (obviously) as well as for my grad classes. I work during the school year and pick up extra hours at my second job in the summer. I need to do something else. Something for me. I must find a way to have fun besides reading. I will be selfish with my time when I find out exactly what I want to do for fun. I’d better figure it out fast, though, because my last grad class starts June 9. Even if I don’t figure out my fun outlet before class starts, I’ll still have July and part of August to do something….