Since arriving in San Diego on Thursday, Bela and I have seen Old Town (with Lila), explored a bit of the Gaslamp Quarter and had some great meals.  Sunday after I went to the convention center one last time, we ate brunch at the Broken Yolk Café.  The waitress (Hannah) was super and the food was abundant.  I couldn’t finish it all.  They have a challenge meal of a 12-egg omelet with four biscuits and more that you have to eat in one hour.  By yourself.  It costs $26.99, but the bragging rights might be worth it.  (Not to me, though!)

Sparks Gallery was right across the street from Hotel Z, so we had to see everything in there before we left.


I didn't know Bela was stalking me.

I didn’t know Bela was stalking me.



From Snow to Sun

Most of my friends are aware that the ACTFL conference is happening this weekend.  I am delighted to be in San Diego with my daughter.  Once my presentation is done tomorrow, my stress level will be so much lower!

I was lucky enough to have a friend (Lila) attending as well.  It was so nice to reconnect and have someone else to keep a sharp eye on my teen!  Lila was great as a navigator, so I let her go…and stayed close!  She encouraged me to get checked in today instead of waiting the madness tomorrow morning would bring.  I’m so glad I did!  Now I can get up and go straight to a session in the morning.  I might even make it to the keynote speaker’s address.

Since Lila and I arrived early this morning, we decided to ride the trolley (Green Line) to Old Town.  Bela and I were happy to see some of the city.  The first order of business in Old Town was FOOD!  We were starving.  I’m a slow eater, but we finally made it to the market area across the street.

This fudge was to die for! YUMMY!

This fudge was to die for! YUMMY!


I think the fudge was the last purchase I made before getting back on the trolley.