Learning the World


Since I’ve been blogging, I have learned a lot about the world.  My humble blog has had views from a few places I’d never heard of before.  Today it was Mayotte.

Every time I see a place I don’t recognize, I make a point to find out about it.  I love to investigate and research, so spread the word (and the blog link) around so I can continue to learn new things!

New Places, New Faces

New teacher friend, Olinda....

New teacher friend, Olinda….

Nick was in Carolina's class in 2012.  It's always nice to reconnect with fun people.

Nick was in Carolina’s class in 2012. It’s always nice to reconnect with fun people.

On the River Walk....

On the River Walk….

I was so happy to see Nick again. He served as my guide to the store and showed me the beautiful Paseo del Rio and the Alamo. We took turns taking pictures. When my feet hurt so bad I thought I’d give up, Nick got me motivated to move again!