Make Me Over?

I was watching Love, Lust or Run this weekend.  I enjoyed seeing the before and after photos, and I wish I could be one of the people who is made over.  I know my fashion sense is nearly nonexistent, but I know what I like.  I see magazines, and I know what’s “in style,” but most of it I would never wear.  For me, the bottom line is I want clothes that flatter my (fat) body style—I’m not sure those clothes exist!  The ladies who were made over were not the size of sinewy fashion models, but they looked nice in their new clothes.  Maybe there’s hope for me?


It’s more about perception than reality sometimes.  For example, someone who has been heavy and lost weight still sees “heavy” in the mirror.  The heavy part is in the head even with a smaller body.  It reminds me of fun house mirrors.  🙂  Only it’s not so much fun….

For those of us who are still in heavy bodies, shopping can be so frustrating!  Maybe I should find out how to get on Love, Lust or Run.