Bejewled Booty

Since our local dog groomer will be out of commission for February, I scheduled a bath for my little terrier mix, Boxita.  (Her name is pronounced “Boshita.”)  I took her in Saturday because she had dreadlocks forming on her head, and she smelled icky.  She’s the sweetest dog ever, and she doesn’t fuss about much, but she does not like riding in the car.  Once she gets to Cindy’s, she’s mostly fine with whatever happens.  Cindy adores all her dogs and treats them like the darlings they are.

I went to get my baby in the afternoon.  Cindy always puts a cute little bandana around her neck, so that was all I was expecting.  When Boxi came careening out of the grooming room, she had a little Valentine heart on her back.  Adorableness overload!  I tried to get a clear picture of the full effect, but Boxi wanted to run and play when we got home.