I learned long ago never to apologize for spending money for groceries, even if I had to spend some of the bill money to do it. After all, we have to eat, don’t we? Checking prices in the store today made me feel like someone should be apologizing to shoppers! A large pack of shredded cheese was $19! Did I buy it? That would be a HECK NO! Meat prices were also outrageous.

In spite of the crazy prices, I ended up getting some supplies—it looked like more household things than human food, though. I had coupons in my pocket, but I forgot to use them. I discovered it after I got to the car and loaded my groceries. I trudged back in on aching feet to find a manager. I wondered if it was worth it. (I had worked all morning.) With my $6.50 securely clutched in my hand, I decided it had been worth the effort. That money was spent at the discount bakery a few blocks away. 🙂

The bottom line is that I will be doing more cooking. I didn’t buy much junk food either. Now if I can just start planning meals!