Viva, Brasil!

Our Brasilian (Brazilian) exchange student, Joao, is an awesome kid.  I finally got to meet his family, and Joao’s sweetness made sense.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and his parents are super people!  I met them at school earlier today, and Nuria, Joao’s mom, gave me and Ysabela gifts.  (There was lots of hugging at school.)  Marcelo, Joao’s dad, is a warm, loving person, so he’s perfect for Nuria.  🙂  I wanted Bela to meet the family as soon as possible, so we tracked them down after school.

They welcomed us warmly with lots of hugs, and we spoke a smattering of English peppered with Portuguese and Spanish.  Amazingly, there was no communication barrier.  (I had to have a few pictures, and I did warn them they would appear in my blog.)

I would encourage you all to investigate the possibilities of intercultural exchange.  I have seen first-hand how it changes lives.

Bela shared some of her Brasilian candy with me!  YUM!

Bela shared some of her Brasilian candy with me! YUM!


Beautiful people, international friends!

Beautiful people, international friends!

If Joao's family is any indication, Brasilians are great people.

If Joao’s family is any indication, Brasilians are great people.


Currently, my daughter and I are bonding over FIFA, watching it on Channel 50. Mexico and Brasil are tough teams! It’s been a pretty exciting game so far. Ysabela’s favorite player on the Mexican team is Giovani Dos Santos. I think it’s because he had hair like hers before he cut it! 🙂 On the Brasilian team, the favorite so far is Dani Alves. Just because his hair is adorable. She also thinks Neymar, Jr. is cute. Alrighty then.

Before our soccer extravaganza, we spent time together at the desk in the living room with me on the computer doing homework. While I was busy with that, Bela played a few games on her Nintendo. She has new ones thanks to her sis. We both checked texts on our phones, I emailed and she played a game on the computer when I finished my assignment. Lots of multitasking happening here. All before lunch time.

Maybe a time will come when we put our electronics to the side, but I don’t think it will be anytime soon. We’ll see how things develop!