Pax Lodge and Bernard Bear

The next day was reserved for a trip to Pax Lodge for a special pinning ceremony.  I surprised Ysabela by buying a Bernard Bear from the hotel, so he went with us; the bears were being sold to raise funds for a children’s hospital.  People buy a bear, tour London with him and take pictures to share with the hotel staff.  The hotel has a wall dedicated to Bernard’s travels.

Bernard and car Bernard wall.jpg

I stayed around Pax long enough to get some pictures, then I took off for the nearest café!  I did take Bernard with me since Bela and the other girls (from various tour groups) were playing games and learning more about the Pax Lodge history.


Bela and Sierra

I learned that the flags on the building represent the home countries of the directors and the volunteers.  Any Girl Scout can apply to volunteer at Pax Lodge.  The young ladies we met were quite enthusiastic and happy to share their experiences.  I was fascinated by the pins on the board.  Before I went for coffee, I bought a bird for Ysabela.  They were made by a volunteer with scraps of fabric and embellishments.  As a quilter, I love that idea.

20160712_090208_resized.jpg   Pax flags Pax pins

Pax birdGEDC7415.JPG

I walked a few blocks with Bernard tucked in my purse to find coffee and some quiet time.  When I travel, I need time to myself to process what I’ve seen and experienced.  I met Luz at the café.  She spoke Spanish, so it was nice to visit with her.  She was very kind.  I stayed there long enough to savor my coffee and write in my journal.  I made it back to the lodge by eleven, and we headed out on the bus to explore and eat lunch on our own.

Luz and bear bear and coffee


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