Piri Piri

We received some piri piri sauce in our most recent Try the World box (as you probably already know).  Ysabela had been after me to fix some chicharrones (pork rinds) that our friend, Judith, had given me on my last visit to Mexico.  Last night, the planets aligned and I actually fixed the chicharrones so Ysabela could try the piri piri sauce.


I opened the seal on the sauce and barely swiped my tongue on the tab—my tongue immediately started to burn, so that was my only taste!  Bela was anxious to try, so she poured a bit onto one of her chicharrones and she noticed the pork rind started making a popping sound.  (Is that normal?)  The logo on the bottle of sauce has jalapeños in the shape of a cow skull with horns—-I told Ysabela those are actually the horns of Satan since the sauce is—at least to me—horribly hot.

Ysabela said that ghost peppers are hotter than the piri piri sauce, but I don’t want any part of spicy!

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