Change that Channel

Am I the only one who watches maybe five or ten minutes of a show and then has to flip the channel because I’ve suddenly had enough?  That happened to me this morning.  Again.  I won’t tell the actual name of the show, but it involves people getting married.  I felt like I was getting “stuck on stupid” due to things people were saying about gender roles and marriage in general.

I, of course, base that last statement on my experiences with my own mate.  The TV mother-in-laws said a woman should keep romance alive, take care of the house and let her husband be the boss.  WHAT???  In a good marriage (relationship), there is no boss.  It would (ideally) be a partnership, right?  There will always be chores that one person usually does, but in real life, partners have to function as a team and do things that may not be easy.  That means two people working together to make a future.  There’s no boss, and nobody gets paid a salary.

According to the ladies on the show, my mate and I did everything all wrong!  Funny thing is, our “wrong” sure did work well!  I have no objection to what people call old-fashioned values.  I do, however, object to a warped view of marriage and what each gender “should” do.

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