Plan B

I have recently started a new business venture to go along with my regular teaching job.  After teaching for sixteen years, I know that lessons don’t always go according to plan.  No matter how carefully we make plans, things happen and we have to improvise.  You other teachers definitely understand and can cite thousands of examples, I’m sure!

Anna, my coach/mentor/friend, and I had a great day yesterday and a Plan A for today.  A bit before nine this morning, she informed me that she had to cancel due to illness, so I was forced to wing it (or as some say “drop back and punt”).  Enter Plan B.

I was in a panic at first, but Anna sent me a message telling me to take it ten minutes at a time.  That was today’s mantra.  Guess what?  It worked out just fine!  I even made use of the down time to brainstorm for later.

Sometimes Plan B is meant to happen in spite of our best intentions.  The next time you have to drop back and punt, maybe the real lesson is that you need to learn to be flexible and respond to challenges in the moment.

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