More Training

Firefighters always benefit from training, but so does the community.  The more efficient we are, the better our reactions in a real emergency.  For that reason, our fire department hosted an all-day training event Saturday.  Firefighters practiced SCBA skills, nozzles, search and rescue and live fire fighting.

I played a victim for search and rescue.  I felt a bit like I’d been typecast into the helpless female role, but I did get the chance to run back in to cause havoc.  🙂  Dan took this picture while I was waiting for rescue.


Below are some guys practicing with the nozzles while the chief gives pointers.  Patterns are important when attacking fire.  Some situations call for the straight pattern while others need the fog with a wider spray.  This practice is needed because in an emergency situation, firemen wear heavy gear that includes thick gloves.  The clicks are different and depend on the type of nozzle used.  Practice minimizes errors.



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