I Could…


I woke up to the message that school was canceled for today due to snow and icky weather conditions.  “Icky” is the technical term used here.  I appreciate the snow day, but, due to indecision, I typically waste the gifted time.  I could clean house, of course, but there are so many other options—fun ones.  (I hate cleaning the house!)  I already fed the critters and made us hamburgers.


I could work on a quilt, finish knitting a scarf that’s been in the works for months, count my many blessings, drink more coffee, read a book, waste time on the computer :), write more, dance around the living room, fold laundry or maybe even go play in the snow.  So many choices.  Sometimes there are too many choices, and I end up doing nothing.  Can I get an amen?

I’m going to give today’s schedule a bit more thought—and get a fresh cup of coffee.  I’ve already counted my blessings, but it wouldn’t hurt to do it again.  Cleaning the house is out of the running since it’s the least appealing option.  Playing in the snow sounds fun, but then I consider that I’d have to shower and get dressed before going out.  (Yes, I would.)  I’m fairly sure I’ll get the laundry done soon as well.  Dancing around the living room probably won’t happen…I’d feel too silly, but I might play with the pups!  I guess the important thing is to get off of the computer and get moving in whatever direction I choose, right?  I’m out of here!



2 thoughts on “I Could…

  1. Amen! When I have too many choices I get paralyzed and end up doing nothing…then I feel horrible for ‘wasting’ the time :-/

    I hope you enjoyed your day and did as many things as possible.

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