This post is for the pet owners out there—or, rather, the ones who are owned by pets.  This week I went to the store.  I had  to have a nice, red tomato to go on my sandwiches, and when I got home, I put it on top of the microwave.  You do realize, of course, that the microwave sits on the kitchen counter (as would be expected).

Later that night, I heard a commotion in the kitchen.  I assumed the dog was chasing a cat, the cat was chasing the dog or some combination of pursuit.  You know what they say about assume, right?  I did my normal shout of, “Hey!  Knock it off in there!” without getting up to check.  My mistake, as I later discovered.  They knocked it off for sure.

Apparently one of the cats knocked my gorgeous, ripe tomato off of the microwave.  From there, based on the evidence (teeth marks!), one of the dogs grabbed it carried it.  I found it under my kitchen table.

So much for my dream of having sliced tomato on my sandwiches….

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