Funny or Not?

Our town had its share of pranks for Halloween.  I’m sure it happens all over, especially in the larger cities.   I happen to think that vandalism of any kind is not funny.  It’s the criminal destruction of property.  Smashing pumpkins and scattering hay bales all over the place might be mild, but it leads me to believe that maybe parents should be a bit more specific about acceptable behavior on any night, not just on Halloween.  There’s funny and then there’s property damage.

Nobody’s kids are perfect.  As a parent, I am sure of that!  I didn’t do pranks as a kid because I knew the consequences for ridiculous behavior.  My parents made sure I was aware.  My parents might have done some mischief as kids, but they certainly taught me better.  Truthfully, I can’t imagine either of my parents doing anything malicious as kids.  They also knew better.

I wonder how the vandals (because that’s exactly what they are) would feel if someone treated them the same way.  It might not be funny anymore.

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