I had the chance to have a leisurely day yesterday.  I enjoyed the luxury of sleeping late, sipping my coffee and checking email while the rest of the inhabitants of the house continued with their beauty sleep.  After my initial slothfulness, I took a shower, loaded trash and headed to my only appointment scheduled for the day (unless you count a hungry horse).  You may wonder why I showered before taking out the trash.  Good question, but relatively simple to answer.  I had an appointment for a massage at 11:30.

A lady in town operates Sandhills Horizon Massage.  She, Rebecca W., was kind enough to offer teachers a free 30-minute massage!  I wasn’t about to let my certificate expire!  I learned that the muscles in my forearm were stuck together.  I spend a lot of time writing and typing, so it makes sense.  My session was so very relaxing that I plan to make it a regular treat.  My daughter will enjoy one in the very near future.


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