The Spider Saga

Last night Ysabela and I went to bed way later than normal.  She was online, and I was reading a book.  She finally took her meds and shut down her computer.  I assured her I’d be heading to bed soon.

She claimed she called for me twice, but with the TV, iPad and fan noise, I didn’t hear her.  I went into my room and turned on the light.  Soon after, we went in search of the fly swatter.  Bela had noticed a black spot on the ceiling.  Yes, it was a spider…no, we couldn’t determine what kind.  The only kind of spider I want to see is dead.

Bela must be a spider magnet.  It took a lot of convincing, but Bela agreed to be spider bait.  As soon as she gingerly crawled back in bed and I turned off the light, “Claude” the spider made his appearance again.  I called him Jean Claude van DAMN where did he go.  🙂

I could see Claude in the flickering light of the iPad movie we were trying to watch.  I made the mistake of telling Bela to get up, get up, get up!  As soon as she started scrambling out of the bed, I flipped on the light and made a grab for the fly swatter.  When Bela moved, Claude did a stage exit (and so did Bela!).  Claude’s exit was between the bed and the wall, and Bela’s was to the living room.  The score was then Claude 2, Humans 0.  Sad day for humanity, I know.

Bela made herself comfy in the living room chair.  By this time, it was after three, so I was more than willing to have a truce for the night.  It was up to Claude.  I got snuggled in bed, movie playing and two dogs close.  Chance was strategically located between me and the edge of the bed.  He was perfectly positioned to keep me in when I needed to be out.  The moment I was drifting off to sleep, I spotted movement on the wall.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  Claude was on the move!

Chance nearly got squished when he refused to move out of my way.  In spite of floundering around like a beached whale, I was, amazingly, able to grab the fly swatter in time to…deal with Claude.  I had finally won.





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