A Good Time Was Had By All

After our film presentation Saturday afternoon, Martha drove Lexi and me back so they could change for a gathering at a friend’s home.  I was outside waiting (and smoking, if the truth be told), and one of Martha’s neighbors, Mr. Ali, greeted me from his balcony.  It turned out that he had attended the film presentation at the high school.  He asked if I was a coffee drinker, and I replied in the affirmative.  He told me he’d be right down.  True to his word, within three minutes, he was downstairs with a cup of coffee!  OH, JOY!  He told me to just toss the cup when I was done since it was a “throw away.”  I looked at the cup—it was quite sturdy, and it said WOLF TRAP on it.  Martha later explained that it was from a cultural or artsy park where cool things happened.  I decided I was taking it to Nebraska with me.  🙂

My cup made it safely to Nebraska.

My cup made it safely to Nebraska.

The “girls” came downstairs, so we left.  Lexi and I were treated to a fabulous supper by Martha’s friends and church family.  We were surrounded by good food (TACOS!) and great people.  I will never remember all the names, but the faces are tucked away in my mind.  I wish I had some pictures of the people there that night.  The fellowship was so amazing!  There were people everywhere!  Lexi was peppered with questions about Nebraska in general and ranching specifically.  She even showed a video of her dad riding a bronc.  Her audience was captivated.

After supper, Renee got us organized for a game of Family Feud.  I just love that game!  It was a super evening, and I hope to keep in touch with many new friends.  I want to hear their stories.

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