I had been stressing about tonight since the beginning of school.  Seriously.  Months of stress for a ten-minute ceremony.

Every spring (ish), qualifying Spanish 2 students are invited to join the Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica.  In English, that’s the Spanish Honor Society.  The ceremony is usually small, attended by parents of the few students who have earned a spot, but since students run most of the ceremony (in Spanish), I always worry.  It’s what I do best.

I came home a bit after 4:00, relaxed for a few minutes, showered and “put myself together.”  Tonight I even put on my “bling.”  I went on to school after I made Bela take a picture or two of me dressed up instead of messed up.  (Usually I run amuck in ratty jeans and a T.)


My students did a great job running the ceremony and serving out the refreshments after.  I shouldn’t have been so worried.  After ten minutes of Spanish, I could really relax and focus on visiting with some of the parents.  I then moved on to have a piece of cake.  🙂

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