Don’t Wait!

Our community has had so many unexpected deaths lately that it feels like we are in perpetual mourning.  I wonder how many more tears must be shed before we can heal.

From my perspective, I must offer some advice to those who have not yet been touched by tragedy.  Pay attention.  You don’t want to live with regrets.

Don’t wait to take that “special” vacation with loved ones.  Travel when you can.  Thinking you have all the time in the world is a huge mistake.  Nobody is guaranteed tomorrow.  One thing we all know for sure is that nobody gets out of life alive.

If someone needs a hug from you, give it happily.  They may not ask again.  I know sometimes I get in a hurry, but my Ysabela opens her arms for a hug.  I hug her.  What if she never asks again?

Special occasions happen daily.  Did you get up this morning?  Victory!  Wear your best jewelry!  Use the fine china for supper!  You don’t need a reason to celebrate life.

Work hard for what you want out of life.  Play hard, too.  There’s a time and place for everything.

If you feel like you want to get to know someone better, make the effort.  Next week may be too late to grab a cup of coffee with him or her.

Don’t wait to live your life.  Putting things on hold will haunt you.



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