Learning the Ropes

Today was the first shooting match in which Bela could have competed, but she didn’t feel ready.  I took Bela and her friend, Gen, to the Hyannis high school so we could observe how things are run.  Shooters register on arrival, make a note of which group they are in and amuse themselves until shooting time.  Bela and Gen watched for a bit, but we noticed that many kids had brought their iPads, phones or other devices to kill time while they waited.  After the girls discovered an open connection, it was (as the saying goes) all over but the crying.


I spent my time chatting and laughing with (and at) some of the other moms.  I was told that normally the moms pack some snacks to avoid concession stand prices.  I learned quite a bit about shooting, too.  Most of us were there as cheerleaders more than coaches anyway.

Best gas station ever!

Best gas station ever!

Free breakfast is a really big deal!

Free breakfast is a really big deal!

The girls got free breakfast, thanks to my favorite gas station.  🙂  I even had egg rolls.  After four hours at the high school, it was time to dash back home so I could finish my laundry (at work and home!).  We saw some deer, so I (of course) pulled over to take a look.  Once I got home and checked the camera, I discovered that I had taken 115 pics today!


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