Wonderful Webinar=Homeschool Help

Tonight I spent some of my valuable time to attend a wonderful webinar hosted by Lee Binz. You can find her online at the links below. Binz is a knowledgeable, experienced homeschool mom who willingly helps others succeed. She spent over an hour sharing her expertise with a crowd of eager parents/teachers. I was glad I got in on this webinar because now I feel much calmer about creating my daughter’s homeschool transcript. Let me say now that when I attend a webinar, I’m usually up for coffee or something, but tonight I had on headphones and was glued to my chair!

Binz gave freebies during the webinar, and at the end, she offered some of her most useful products for purchase. I hadn’t thought about buying anything, but I realized that I really wanted (and needed) some of her transcript templates. When I bought the bundle for the economical price of $47, I received freebies worth so much more!

If you are a homeschool parent, you should really check out what she has to offer. It just might change your whole perspective.



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