Trip to Bow

My daughter had a doctor’s appointment today, so we headed out of town to Broken Bow.  The temperature at that time of the morning was negative three.  (We were hit by a heat wave on the way home when the temperature rose to a balmy 15.)  We had a rocky start even though we had time to hit our local coffee shop for a caffeine fix.  Bela’s cup had a leak, so we had to rush home for a replacement before topping off the gas tank.  I’ll admit I was a little annoyed, but I got over it.

We made it to the office only two minutes late.  Dr. Pruden checked Ysabela over and decided that her complaints were easy to remedy.  🙂  The exam rooms are nicely decorated and feel almost cozy.  Each room has a saying on the door.  I liked that Bela was in the “count your blessings” room.  It reminded me that life (and our health) could be so much worse!  When we focus on the little daily annoyances, it’s easy to miss the big picture.

We all need a reminder sometimes.

We all need a reminder sometimes.

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