Christmas for the Girls?

I saw a Facebook post this morning about the kidnapped Nigerian girls.  They have been gone for 255 days.  I can’t envision them opening presents today, can you?

My daughter and I have enjoyed our Christmas, but what about the families of those young girls?  How would I feel if one of those girls belonged in my family?  I’m sure I would have a major shift in priorities; wouldn’t you?  The missing school girls are not just Nigeria’s daughters; these daughters belong to the world.  I have followed the news stories, but there is no resolution.  I don’t know about you, but every time I think of these children, I cringe because I know what has probably been done to them.  As horrible as it is to contemplate, the “soldiers” of Boko Haram didn’t kidnap these daughters of ours for a stroll in the park.  Make no mistake—this kidnapping was an attack against women and decent people all over the world.  Don’t be deceived into believing the males of Boko Haram are real men either.  They are not!  Real men don’t prey on defenseless children.  Real men do not assault or threaten a female for any reason.  The Boko Haram is composed of cowards.

If I could make my voice heard, I would tell our captive daughters this:

Don’t give up!  Do whatever is necessary to survive.  People are still praying for you and awaiting your return.  You should feel no shame; the shame belongs to your captors.  They are cowards.  You, my daughters, are brave.

2 thoughts on “Christmas for the Girls?

  1. Thank you so much for writing about this. I being a Nigerian really appreciate it. It breaks my heart to see that day after day, these girls are still missing. Really thank you

    • I read that some parents have died from stress and/or grief. I think a bunch of mad mommies should go get our girls. There’s nothing so fierce as an angry momma bear. I am angry that they are still not home. It never should have happened. We have to fight evil no matter where in the world it resides.

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