That’s All, Folks!

Quitting time for this year (sounds awesome!) finally rolled around.  I was as happy as the students!  It sounds wonderful to say that we don’t go back until next year!  We were all ready for the break.

Now I am happily sitting at home in front of my computer eating some chocolate.  I am being watched intently by several cats and dogs.  (None for them!)  Criminal Minds is on, and I have a book at hand.  What joy I feel!  This is as warm and fuzzy as it gets for me.

Ysabela had a headache today, so she went home right before lunch.  She was able to complete her scavenger hunt for her first Christmas gift before she left.  I had her gift hidden in plain sight in the art room.  When I got home two hours later, she was strumming her new guitar.  Her headache had eased some, but it came back.  She ended up tucking her guitar away and taking a long nap.  The dogs were guarding her and keeping her warm, so I let them all rest.

The breaks from school are all about rest, at least to me.  It’s a time to slow down, unwind and refocus to get ready for what lies ahead.  Maybe teachers and students alike will be recharged for the second half of the school year.

Merry Christmas to all…….

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