Stress and Scenery

Ysabela and I went to Kearney Friday so I could take my Master’s comps with two ladies (Valerie and Linda) in my online classes. (I am praying we all passed.) We left home super early and arrived in time for me to do some last-minute studying. Bela was great at map reading and helped me navigate to the right parking lot. I didn’t know she had that skill. In the parking lot, I told Bela to look at the squirrel. She thought I was over-stressed and seeing things because by the time she looked up, the squirrel was out of sight. I do, however, have photographic evidence of that squirrel.

I told her there was a squirrel!

I told her there was a squirrel!

I wrote for almost three hours while Bela got the royal treatment. Heather, the secretary, made sure Bela was hooked up to Wi-Fi in a small classroom used for video conferencing. She was such a happy camper that she didn’t want to leave UNK!

My advisor, Dr. Jochum, and Dr. Tracy (another of our instructors) took us to a Mexican restaurant called San Pedro’s for lunch. It was an enjoyable end to a stressful morning. Then it was time to head home. I meant to hit Highway 30, but somehow we ended up on 40. That must have been because Bela didn’t have a road map of the area. I stopped at a vet clinic to get directions home. Fortunately the vet was familiar with the roads and our small town. He got me turned in the right direction. On the way to Highway 2, we did pass one small rest area. It was so unexpected, we had to turn around to get a photo.

We were glad we didn't need the facilities!

We were glad we didn’t need the facilities!

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