So What’s the Agenda?

One thing that makes me crazy is the batch of flu shot commercials lately. You’ve probably seen them—if I go in for a flu shot, Pharmacy X will donate one to someone (underinsured, at risk, etc.). If the companies really wanted to donate flu shots, they sure could afford to do so without selling me one first!

Whether we agree with taking a flu shot or not, we always need to analyze the agenda of the ones trying to convince us either way. With pharmacies, just follow the money trail. Lots of companies are making a killing for pushing vaccines. Supply and demand, right?

I do not take a flu shot. For me, the benefits don’t outweigh the risks. My natural immunity is holding up fine, and I don’t need poison in my system. I’m not saying my decision is the right one for you, but I would advise you to read all you can find and follow the money before you decide.

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