Can’t Fool Mom

I was holding my little spoiled Jinx dog, and she was doing her best to hug and kiss me. Bela was watching and laughing (of course). When I told Jinx, “Your breath smells like a pencil,” Bela really cracked up. She thought I was nuts.

Bela argued that pencils have no odor. I had to explain that mechanical pencils and Number 2 pencils are different. Jinx had been chewing on a Number 2 pencil to be precise. I grabbed a Number 2 pencil from the desk drawer and sniffed it as Bela continued to make fun of me. I put the dog down, went to her favorite chair and picked up the remains of…….a Number 2 pencil! HA! Vindicated! Maybe next time Bela won’t be so quick to mock me….

Jinx will gnaw on anything!

Jinx will gnaw on anything!

The Chicken Chick